Distress Migration

Migrants in Flight: Conflict-Induced Internal Displacement of Nepalis in Northeast India

Author : Lopita Nath | 2005
Published By: Peace and Democracy in South Asia

Ethnic violence, which has become endemic to the states of postcolonial Northeast India, has often targetted populations of migrant origin as foreigners or illegal immigrants to be sent back to their lands of origin. The Nepalis from the neighbouring kingdom of Nepal, who have been migrating to Northeast India since the colonial times have long integrated into the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society of the region. Settled in almost all the states of the region they have, in recent times, been frequently identified as foreigners as their growing numbers have caused worry in a backward region of India, as well as the seemingly deliberate attempts of the ethnic movements to loosely define the term 'foreigner'. They have suffered large-scale evictions and internal displacement. This paper looks at the conflict-induced displacement of the Nepalis in Northeast India. It argues that the internal displacement of the Nepalis in Northeast India has not received much attention or concern, partly because their inherent mobility and proclivity to migrate tends to draw attention away from this new phenomenon and partly because they have social networks, which allow them to resettle with ease in the new areas to which they migrated. The paper also looks at the government attitude towards rehabilitating and providing relief to these victims of internal displacement.

URL : https://www.repository.cam.ac.uk/bitstream/id/533690/pdsa_01_01_06.pdf/;jsessionid=1DF26628F7E918924FDBE8B978F11A2A

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