Migration Patterns

A Study on the Internal Migrant Labour - Issues and Policies

Author : C.Annie Jane | 2016
Published By: Indian Journal of Applied Research

Migration of Labour in search of employment and improved livelihood is a common issue today. Labour Migration is both Internal and International. Internal Migration in search of employment, has an impact on the economic, social and political conditions of the region both at the sending and receiving ends. About two out of Ten Indians are internal migrants. The labour migration is mostly male dominated, and there is a signiåcant increase in the female migrants with the spurring hypermarkets, showrooms and factories. The migration can be permanent, semi permanent, seasonal or circular. The challenges faced by the migrant labour includes their inability to cope up with the diversity of culture, language, access to identity documentation, social entitlements, social and political exclusion, housing and exploitation. Migrant Labourers are covered by laws and policies but some preclude the temporary migrants and unorganized sector. This paper is an attempt to study the challenges faced by the internal migrant Labourers in India and the Policies that have been formulated to deal with the problems associated with Migrant Labourers. The study is conåned to internal Migrant Labourers and their issues.

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