Welfare Schemes and Support Mechanisms

Trickle Down Effects of Inter -State Migration in a Period of High Growth in the Indian Economy

Author : Gursharan Singh Kainth | 2010
Published By: MPRA

Migration is a global phenomenon. Uneven economic development, inter-regional disparity and differences in living standards between socio-economic groups are some of the important reasons responsible for migration. Avenues of better employment and higher wages serve as pull factors, where as non-availability of employment opportunities in backward regions, draught and scarcity conditions are push factors. Migration is the third component of population change, the other two being mortality and fertility which work in a biological framework whereas migration is influenced by the wishes of the persons involved. Usually each migratory movement is deliberately made, though in exceptional cases this may not hold true. Thus migration is a response of human organisms to economic, social, political and demographic forces in the environment and an important symptom of social change in society.

URL : https://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/30036/1/MPRA_paper_30036.pdf

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