Distress Migration

Working with Returnees, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Author : United Nations (UN) | 2016
Published By: United Nations

When refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) cross the border into Chad, those most in need receive immediate medical assistance and food. People are issued temporary identity bracelets and then transferred to camps. There are three main UNHCR-run camps near the town of Gore; Amboko, Gondje and Dosseye. Belgian national Alexia Nisen worked as an UNHCR Assistant Protection Field Officer and was tasked with ensuring that border guards were aware of the law and that displaced people were not exploited or turned back. Nisen worked closely with the local police, ensuring they were familiar with the relevant procedures. She also helped monitor conditions in the Chadian prisons outside the camp. It is essential that human rights are respected for all, both victims of crimes and those identified as perpetrators.

URL : http://www.unv.org/fileadmin/docdb/pdf/2012/Resources/UNV_in_Action_with_Refugees_IDPs_and_Returnees.pdf

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