Migration Patterns

Internal Migration in India: Are the Underclass More Mobile?

Author : R.B.Bhagat | 2009
Published By: International Institute for Population Sciences

India has seen an upsurge in economic growth since 1991. The 2001 census shows that internal migration has picked up rapidly during the 1990s. Compared to intra-state (short distance) movement, inter-state (long distance) migration has grown faster. The states with higher per capita income and larger dominance of non-agricultural sector show not only high in-migration but also high out-migration rates. Poverty ratio is not found related with outmigration rates at the state level. On the contrary, migration rates are higher in households with higher monthly per capita expenditure. Also, the socially disadvantaged groups like Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes do not show higher mobility compared to other population categories. Thus the increased mobility of India’s population in recent times is more confined to better off sections.

URL : http://iussp2009.princeton.edu/papers/90927

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