Migration Patterns

Are Poor or Better-Off Migrants in India? Evidences from Nss Data on Migration

Author : Muhammed Jamsheer Tp | 2014
Published By: International Interdisciplinary Research Journal

India is one of the countries, which is characterised by high internal migration rather than the international migration. When one talking about the theory level, policy level there is a relation between the migration and economic development and growth of the particular region. Literatures explain about the backward, un-educated and lower class people are more migrant. Some of the literatures also explain forward class people; higher educated and higher caste people are more migrant. By looking in to all these facts, this particular paper tries to focus on what kind of migration in India witnessing and what are the basic characteristics of Indian migration by using NSS data on migration. By analysing two rounds of NSS data, one can conclude that comparatively higher caste and forward class people are more migrant than the poor and backward and also high monthly percapita income people moving for searching better prospects while low MPCE are not moving which contradictions to the literatures that explain the rich are more migrant. Another significant finding in this paper is that, Indian society is characterised or dominating by high female marriage based short run rural to rural migration than the males employed based, long run migration.

URL : http://internationaljournals.co.in/pdf/GIIRJ/2014/March/5.pdf

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