Migration Patterns

Displaced People and The Challenge to Development

Author : Sarah Haynes | 2016
Published By: University of Leeds

Internal displacement is not a new phenomenon. This dissertation proposes that the protracted displacement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) poses a significant risk to human development. The causes and effects of protracted displacement on capability (as an indicator of human development) will be examined amongst the internally displaced in Eastern Myanmar. The current level of achieved functionings amongst the internally displaced will be analysed as an indicator of capability. This paper explores the extent to which duty-holders are fulfilling their obligations to IDPs and the implications of external assistance for capability expansion. Nevertheless, IDPs are able to exercise agency albeit constrained. This paper concludes that both the Guiding Principles framework and external assistance are insufficient. Internal displacement continues to contribute capability deprivation which is an affront to human rights. This paper proposes that states be made more accountable to both domestic and international bodies through ‘sovereignty as responsibility’ and through the establishment of formal duty-holders.

URL : http://www.polis.leeds.ac.uk/assets/files/students/student-journal/sarah-haynes-summer-09.pdf

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