Migration Patterns

Plight of Refugees: Remissness of India; Need For a New Legislation

Author : Tulip Joshi, Juhi Bhutani | 2016
Published By: Army Institute of Law

Injustice is prominent theme in the news, but there is far less attention to how to be affective in opposing it. How does one respond to the dilemma of dealing with people who have been displaced under extraordinary circumstances and yet reconcile this with perceptions of national security? The dilemma between moral and emotional attitudes toward refugees in the Indian culture –in India he is a guest, in the west he is in need of charity .In India there are two broad systems of values and principles and legalities that have governed refugee management rooted in our culture, value system, caring and hospitality. The second the legal system inherited by our colonial masters. The purpose of the paper is to critically analyse the problems of the refugees and study of the refugee law of different countries so as to reveal the shortcomings of Indian legislation regarding refugees and appropriate suggestions for the same.

URL : http://ail.ac.in/ailresearch/JUHI-BHUTANI-AND-TULIP-JOSHI.pdf

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