Migration Patterns

A Study on the Changing Cropping Pattern and Internal Migration Issues and Challenges

Author : Madhu. G.R, Uma H.R | 2014
Published By: WorldWideJournals

This paper is an attempt to understand the emerging migration patterns in India and issues underlying it. With globalisation, urbanisation and accompanying changes in socio-economic conditions, migrants are attracted to urban areas in recent times. The emerging migration pattern depicts confinement of migrants in lower socioeconomic class in Urban India in response to the macro-economic reforms. The migration among males to urban area shows migration of people from lower socio-economic class. A steady increase of urban migrants in lower economic class indicating migration is dominated by poorer sections. Higher migration of lower social groups takes place to urban area compared to earlier period. All these rural-urban migration pattern are attributed to rural-urban disparities in socio-economic development and increasing urbanization. But this has its negative effect on the agricultural productivity as the migrants are mainly the agricultural labourers who do not own any land of their own and their socio-economic position in the village is quite bad. This paper tries to identify the as one for this rural-urban migration and tries to list down the reasons with garett ranking method and also identifies how this migration is changing the cropping pattern in the villages for convenience.

URL : http://www.worldwidejournals.com/indian-journal-of-applied-research-(IJAR)/file.php?val=June_2014_1401710404_7354c_36.pdf

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