Migration Patterns

Trends and Patterns of Remittance Flows within South East Asia

Author : Manuel Orozco, Rachel Fedewa | 2016
Published By: Asian Development Bank

These findings call attention to a fluid process of relationships between migrants and their home country as well as to policy opportunities and challenges. Filipino migrants were found to be more engaged with their relatives than other groups by virtue of their frequency of sending and level of contact. The findings also suggest some policy issues worth highlighting or paying attention. To that effect the report offers practical recommendations for short term initiatives. This report was based on surveys conducted in sending and receiving populations in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines totaling a sample of 2500 senders and recipients. In addition to the surveys, a team of eleven experts conducted field work and interviews to more than twenty policy makers, analysts, industry officials, and NGO personnel among others. We also created a pricing dataset for the for Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong that captured the transaction cost of the most active money transfer companies.

URL : http://archive.thedialogue.org/PublicationFiles/ADB%20SE%20Asia%20Workers%20Remittances%20-%20Draft%20Final%20Report.pdf

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