Migration Patterns

Impact of Remittances on Poverty in Developing Countries

Author : Rashmi Banga | 2003
Published By: United Nations

Remittances are increasingly becoming an important source of external financing for the developing countries. For some of the developing countries, it forms almost 40-50% of their GDP. Though there is a growing literature on the impact of remittances on development, very few studies have empirically estimated the impact of remittances on poverty in the developing countries. This study undertakes impact analysis of remittances on poverty in developing countries at two levels. Firstly, it estimates the impact of remittances on poverty in 77 developing countries; Secondly, separate analyses are undertaken for 29 developing countries and 21 Asian developing counties, which have 5% or more share of remittances in GDP. The results of the study consistently show that remittances significantly reduce poverty in recipient countries but the results are more reliable for countries with remittances greater than 5% of GDP.

URL : https://www.econ-jobs.com/research/10562-Impact-of-Migration-on-Poverty-in-Developing-Countries--A-Case-Study-of-India.pdf

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