Internal Migration and Rural-Urban Households in China: Implications for Healthcare

Author : Chen Chuanbo, Henry Lucas, Gerald Bloom, Ding Shijun | 2010
Published By: School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

In this paper, the combined implications of these developments are considered based partly on existing migration studies and partly on data taken from the Poverty and Illness (POVILL) study (Lucas et al, 2008). The aim of this study was to understand the potentially complex impacts of major ill-health on household livelihoods for a reasonably large number of affected households in selected study areas in three countries, Cambodia, China and Laos. At an early stage in the design it was agreed that these households should be selected using a strict probability sampling approach such that it was possible to make valid statistical inferences to the overall study area populations. In China, the household survey was undertaken in two purposively selected counties in each of two provinces. In each area, a multistage cluster sampling procedure was adopted to select village communities, each consisting of around 100 households.

URL : http://www.chronicpoverty.org/uploads/publication_files/chuanbo_et_al_health.pdf

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