Migration Patterns

Ethnicity, Conflict and Population Displacement in Northeast India

Author : Mridula Dhekial Phukan | 2013
Published By: Dispur Law College

Since India’s independence Northeastern region of India has been witnessing episodes of secessionist and insurgency related violence and conflict. The problem has become more complex, as the region is inhabited by people belonging to different racial stock, speak different languages and have varied socio-cultural tradition. These people are now fighting for the same geographical space to protect and preserve their identity and culture. Illegal immigration from neighbouring countries, especially from Bangladesh has aggravated the problem as it has reduced the number of indigenous people to minority in some parts of the region. Though the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India has become an important tool to provide special protection to indigenous people in Northeastern states, the problem lies in the fact that many of these ethnic groups do not live in distinct areas and their demand for ethnic homeland often overlap with other groups. As a result their demand for ethnic homelands has led to conflict and in turn internal displacement.

URL : http://ajhss.org/pdfs-1/Ethnicity,%20Conflict%20and%20Population....pdf

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