Children of Migrant Workers

Monitoring the Rights of Vulnerable Migrant Children with Trafficking Point of View

Author : National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) | 2012
Published By: National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

The migration process is considered as an opportunity if it is migration by choice. But the distress or forced migration often leads to further vulnerabilities. There is no much distinction between trafficking in person and forced/distress migration as migration is distinguished from human trafficking by a very thin-line. Initially the migrant workers were given the impression that they are migrating to other places to enhance their earning though decent job, but remain no choice when they are given in the custody of some other contractor/agent, whom they have been meeting for the first time. Recruitment of workers and their transportation for the purpose of exploitation leads to human (including children) trafficking, which is certainly an organised crime.

URL : http://www.ncpcr.gov.in/view_file.php?fid=463

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