Migration Patterns

Labour Migration in South: Building Effective Institutions

Author : International Labour Organization | 2016
Published By: International Labour Organisation

The institutions and structures developed by—and between—countries of origin and destination are diverse. There is much that countries can learn from each other. The lessons learned and diversity of experiences were discussed at the Fifth Roundtable on Labor Migration in Asia, titled “Building Eff ective Institutions and Structures for Migration Governance in Asia.” The event was held in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China in January 2015 and hosted by the Asia-Pacifi c Finance and Development Institute. It brought together experts on migration with government offi cials working directly on migration policies and programs. The discussion was interesting, in-depth, and fruitful.

URL : https://www.oecd.org/migration/labor-migration-in-asia-building-effective-institutions.pdf

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