Migration Patterns

Aboriginal Mobility and Migration: Trends, Recent Patterns, and Implications: 1971–2001

Author : Stewart Clatworthy, Mary Jane Norris | 2013
Published By: Thomson Books

Many aspects of the mobility and migration of Aboriginal populations differ significantly from those of mainstream populations. Population movement between reserves, rural communities, and urban areas can play an important role in shaping the demand for a wide range of goods and services. This paper explores various aspects of Aboriginal population movement, including reserve and rural-urban migration, the role of migration in the growth of urban Aboriginal populations, residential mobility and population turnover, and related policy implications. Discussions will address and clarify some of the misinterpretations surrounding migration phenomena, including the impression that the demographic explosion of urban Aboriginal populations observed in the recent censuses of countries is the result of an exodus from Aboriginal communities

URL : http://apr.thompsonbooks.com/vols/APR_Vol_4Ch13.pdf

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