Trafficking of Women in Nepal and their Vulnerabilities

Author : Sushmita Diyali | 2017
Published By: International Development, Community and Environment

Around the world, women are marginalized and their liberty has been violated despite women rights and movement. The women and girls are still treated as subhuman. They are subject to sexual exploitation, sexual slavery, and a forced labor. The problems of women based discrimination are widespread all over the world and trafficking of women issues is taken as the most intolerant criminal activity in the earth. Though the world is advancing but Nepal is still dragging behind and its one of the problem is sex exploitation. Human rights of women are denied in Nepal due to problems like caste discrimination, political instability, corruption, poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment. These factors of example have made women to become survivors of trafficking to neighboring Gulf countries and India. These women have a traumatizing experience as they are brutally exploited and enticed by the ‘syndicate’ who is equivalent to ‘Johns’ of America’. Nepali women are sold in the brothels and start serving as commercial sex workers and, are forced into force labor. Nepalese women are more likely opt to go with Johns due to these problems. Thus, this paper will research to analyze the magnitude of sex trafficking on Nepalese women from the perspective of human rights context.

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