Migration Patterns

Rural Agricultural Change and Individual Out-migration

Author : Prem Bhandari, Dirgha Ghimire | 2016
Published By: Rural Sociol

Rural agriculture is also experiencing a dramatic transition away from traditional farming systems towards increasingly mechanized, commercial farming systems (Majumdar, Dolui and Banerjee 2001; Mamdani 1972; Self 2008; Vosti, Witcover and Lipton 1994; World Bank Publications 2008). New technological innovations (e.g., mechanization, high-yielding crop varieties, improved animal breeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides) and development of new markets have dramatically transformed subsistencebased farming into market-oriented commercial farming around the world (Majumdar et al. 2001; World Bank Publications 2008). Many rural subsistence farm households now increasingly rely on modern farm technologies (e.g., tractors, pumpsets, and improved farm implements), and chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides), resulting in a large surplus of farm labor.

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