Giving Every Child a Fair Chance: Understanding the Challenges in Ensuring Quality Education for Migrant Children: A Case Study of Three Government Funded Schools in Ernakulam District

Author : Benoy Peter | 2017
Published By: Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development, CMID

Kerala state over the past few decades has been one of the most attractive destinations for migrant workers from various Indian states. A lot of migrants now come with their families. Ernakulam district, which is the commercial capital of Kerala, has several pockets where migrant workers with families live. Some of the pockets include Vathuruthy, Ayyappankavu, Elamakkara, Binanipuram, Kalamassery, Perumbavoor and Nellikkuzhi. A rapid assessment of the top three schools in the district with the largest number of children of migrant workers.

URL : 20170927021411.pdf

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