Construction Industry in India

Author : Mobile Creches | 2011
Published By: Mobile Creches

In India, the construction industry is the second largest employer, after agriculture. It constitutes of largely unorganized workforce (89%), of whom majority (3/4th) is unskilled. The booming construction industry and real estate market provides a sharp contrast to the plight of the workforce involved in construction. The boom 'pulls' a large number of workers into the cities. The workers, mainly distress migrants, with low level of literacy and skill are organized by labour contractors whose motivation is a daily commission from the wages of workers he is bringing to the city. Not having any skills suited to the needs of the city, they offer their labour wherever a building is being constructed. They camp down in rough shelters devoid of the simplest amenities. They work long hours and have no access to proper housing, sanitation, and electricity or even water. They move on when the works over – and they constitute a floating labour force. Their children grow up amidst this constant movement. The children are unable to go to schools and must fend for themselves as best as they can while both their parents work.

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