Child Labour

Migrant and Child Labor in Thailand’s Shrimp and Other Seafood Supply Chains

Author : ILO | 2015
Published By: ILO

The study aims to strengthen the evidence base on child labor and the labor conditions of migrant workers in Thailand’s shrimp and other seafood supply chains, with a particular focus on communities engaged in these industries. Its objective is to provide practical, empirically grounded policy recommendations that can be discussed with different stakeholders and considered by both national and provincial governments and industry. The study draws on a combination of existing evidence and data from the ILO’s work in Thailand and supplementary qualitative information generated through focus group discussions, key informant interviews, and consultations with stakeholders.

URL : https://asiafoundation.org/resources/pdfs/MigrantChildLaborinThailandsShrimpandOtherSeafoodSupplyChains.pdf

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