Migration Patterns

Causes of Rural Urban Migration in India: Challenges and Policy Issues

Author : R. C. Tyagi, Tarannum Siddiqui | 2016
Published By: Indian Journal of Research

Rural to Urban migrations are caused by a variety of factors. In nutshell major factors of migration are 1-Marriage, 2-Employment, 3-Education and 4-Lack of Security. Urban centers provide vast scope for employment in various sectors and also offer modem facilities of life. Thus, they act as ‘magnets’ for the migrant population and attract people from outside. In other words, cities pull people from rural areas. This is known as “pull factor”. People also migrate due to ‘push factors’ when they do not find means of livelihood in their home villages, they are ‘pushed’ out to the nearby or distant towns. Millions of people those migrated from their far-off villages to the big cities. Their home villages had virtually rejected them as surplus population which the rural resources of land were not able to sustain any longer.

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