Socio-economic Factors

Community Study on the Needs of Returned Migrants Following the Andaman Sea Crisis

Author : International Organization for Migration (IOM) | 2017
Published By: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Bangladesh

The study draws on a combination of in-depth interviews and analysis of survey data collected by IOM.1 The survey data is based on a simple questionnaire administered to 2,813 migrants upon return to Bangladesh. It captures demographic data, key features of the migration experience, as well as returning migrants’ future intentions and aspirations regarding migration and other livelihood opportunities. To complement the survey findings with qualitative insights about the process of reintegration, in-depth interviews were conducted with 22 migrants in two districts of Bangladesh where the highest numbers of migrants involved in the Andaman Sea Crisis originated (Cox’s Bazar and Narsingdi). These additional interviews were conducted around four to six months following their return to Bangladesh. The study concentrates on the experiences of Bangladeshi migrants who were involved in the Andaman Sea Crisis, as this is the group that have been assisted to return to Bangladesh by IOM. The research has been undertaken to inform new initiatives aimed at supporting the sustainable reintegration for returning migrants, building the resilience of individuals and their home communities, and promoting safe migration pathways.

URL : https://publications.iom.int/system/files/pdf/community_study_andaman_sea_crisis.pdf

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