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Educated Migrant?

The overarching discourse on internal migration has given us enough fodder to understand and analyze the perils of migrating internally, especially in a developing country like India. We (the intelligentsia) have come to understand the underlying factors that triggers  migration at source and the destination ecosystem which affects migrants. At the global scale, we stand […]

The Art of Being Indispensable

Being indispensable for somebody is a commendable achievement-to be absolutely necessary implies great potential as a resource and being able to provide some service, without which, you cannot sustain. When the idea of ‘being indispensable’ is placed in larger context of society and its structure, whoever or whatever assumes that role is of intense importance […]

A card can make U-WIN

In order to bring the unroganized sector workforce under the ambit of social security and welfare system of the government, the Unorganized Workers Act has laid down the process of providing every worker with smart cards. This card, which will issue a unique identification number to every labourer, will help them avail the multiple benefits […]

It’s a routine strategy under distress: PANI

Migration is a routine livelihoods strategy adopted in India and not simply response to shocks. People certainly do migrate because there is not enough work locally, but such migration should be understood as forced or distress migration because many people perceived migration as an opportunity.

Migration is a new age development challenge: Amrita Sharma (Aajeevika Bureau)

I have realized that in our villages, the youth are increasing disenchanted with farming occupation and are heading towards the city in pursuit of a better life. The stories of their search for a better future, however, do not always end well.

A life of uncertainty and instability: MMC

Rohini was born in Chalisgaon, Maharastra but shortly  thereafter her family moved to a construction site in  Mumbai. She has been living on construction sites for  as long as she can remember as the last three  generations of her family have all been construction  workers! For her, migration meant constant grappling  with the feeling of […]

When accidents evolves into crisis: JBVSS

In simple terms, a migrant is such person who leaves his/her native place and goes somewhere else in search of work/job only to return intermittently after certain time intervals like every three, six months, yearly or once in two years. That person while away from the native surroundings has to encounter several unforeseen situations which […]

Expanding Social spaces for women: Arpita Banerjee (NIUA)

What does Migration mean? Let us start from the entry point of what migration mean to women. It is well documented in numerous migration literatures that migration is mainly a response to the work/job opportunities available in the new place (Basu 2001; Dayal and Karan 2003) and it has enhanced the economic and the social […]

Migrating towards freedom: Debadutta Club

It is well-established fact that migrant labour is associated with informal sector, working in unrecognized units without any social safety net. Including in the definition of organized sector those units employing 20 workers and more, 85 percent of total labour force would be categorized informal. Although we have the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act (UWSSA) […]

A Journey for Livelihood: PEPUS

Migration is a strategy for the marginal population to survive and sustain their livelihoods. Most of the times it is associated with distress while it can also be viewed as opportunistic in nature. PEPUS has been associated with migrant workers, providing them with the safety net and ensuring their rights that provide a condition of […]