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Recognizing migration in global development agenda

As of today, one out of seven persons in the world is either an international or internal migrant. This has led to rising awareness of migration and its importance as a public good. In the post-2015 Global Development Agenda, migration should be recognized explicitly and its associated factors be given due emphasis. The Report of […]

Voicing the concerns of the child migrant

There exist vast disparities when it comes to treatment of a usual child and the child of a migrant. When it comes to a migrant child, he/she is met out unequal treatment to say the least. Abuse, harassment, trafficking, forced labour is a part of their lives just by the virtue of being a migrant. […]

Trafficking through the Himalayan kingdom

Nepal may be known for its natural beauty and Mount Everest, but there is a dark side to this small, picturesque country. Women and girls are being bought, sold and smuggled across the Nepal-India border. Statistics vary on the number of Nepalese women who fall prey to traffickers, but social workers in the country estimate […]