India's Bonded Workers Battle 'Captivity Mentality' After Rescue

Subject : Bonded labourers | Source(s) : | Date : 18-Aug-2017

Though India banned bonded labor in 1976, it remains widespread, with millions working in fields, brick kilns, rice mills and brothels, or as domestic workers to pay off debts. India announced an ambitious goal last year to rescue more than 18 million bonded laborers by 2030 and to increase fivefold the compensation that is paid to them, as part of a wider drive to tackle modern slavery. Rescued workers need more psychological help to become truly free, counselors say, as they are often too scared to admit to suffering, such as sexual abuse, for fear of retribution from their former owners.

Link : http://jakartaglobe.id/international/indias-bonded-workers-battle-captivity-mentality-rescue/

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