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Domestic Workers Welfare and Social Security Act (2010)

Published By : National Commission for Women (NCW) | Publish Date : 01 Jan, 2010

In last few decades there has been a tremendous growth in the demand for domestic workers which has led to the trafficking and other forms of exploitation of millions of Women and children and to meet this growing demand there has been a spurt of thousands of placement agencies providing domestic workers in metro-towns of many states who are exploited in various ways as well as trafficked and remain outside the purview of any legislative control. This issue of exploitation of women and children domestic workers is frequent and regularly reported. Absence of any legal protection , has led to severe exploitation women and children which include depriving domestic workers from there entire salary average more then 16-18 hours of work per day, absence of proper food and living/sleeping condition, forced and total cut off from their family members, bounded labour , sexual exploitation by agent during transit, at the office of agency and at the work place in houses of employers.

Link : http://ncw.nic.in/PDFFiles/domestic_worker_welfare_and_social_security_act_2010.pdf

Document : 20140715070626.pdf

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