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Published By : Government of India | Publish Date : 01 Jan, 2016

The country is poised at a moment in history when a much brighter future for its entire people is within its reach. Skill development will help actualize this potential. Development and articulation of a national policy on skill development is a matter of priority. Task of skill development has many challenges which include. Increasing capacity & capability of existing system to ensure equitable access to all. Promoting life long learning, maintaining quality and relevance, according to changing requirement particularly of emerging knowledge economy. Creating effective convergence between school education, various skill development efforts of government and between government and Private Sector initiative. Capacity building of institutions for planning, quality assurance and involvement of stake holders. Creating institutional mechanism for research development quality assurance, examinations & certification, affiliations and accreditation. Increasing participation of stakeholders, mobilizing adequate investment for financing skill development, attaining sustainability by strengthening physical and intellectual resources.

Link : http://labour.gov.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/NationalSkillDevelopmentPolicyMar.pdf

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