Megatrends in Hindu Kush Himalaya: Climate Change, Urbanisation and Migration and Their Implications for Water, Energy and Food

Author : Aditi Mukherji, Christopher Scott | 2016
Published By: Springer link

The Hindu Kush Himalaya is undergoing rapid change, driven by twin megatrends of climate change and urbanisation, which threaten their crucial water-provisioning services for over a billion people across Asia and undermine quality of life, economic development, and environmental sustainability within the region. This chapter examines current and future megatrends from a mountain perspective, assessing the impacts for water, energy and food security of glacial melt, altered river flows and drying springs, coupled with unplanned urban growth and outmigration. Further innovation is needed in responding to climate-induced risk, developing hydro-power sustainably and enhancing mountain agriculture.

URL : https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-10-6695-5_8

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