Development Induced Displacement and Resettlement (DIDR)

Author : Kate Hoshour, Jennifer Kalafut | 2016
Published By: International Accountability Project (IAP)

Each year, millions of people around the globe are forcibly relocated and resettled away from their homes, lands and livelihoods in order to make way for large-scale development projects such as dams, reservoirs, power plants, roads, plantations, urban renewal, and oil, gas, and mining projects. This forced relocation is known as development-induced displacement and resettlement, or DIDR. This paper provides an overview of DIDR: how many people it affects, primary causes and key impacts, important gains in safeguarding communities threatened by displacement and challenges that remain. It concludes with recommendations for redesigning development to ensure that it minimizes DIDR, benefits project-affected people and communities, respects their rights and supports local priorities for sustainable development.

URL : 20140305073042.pdf

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