Global Issues of Population, Development and Environment

Seminar | Subject : Issues of Urbanization, Migration and Governance
Seminar Date :27-Oct-2014 To 28 Oct 2014

The Population Research Centre (PRC) is an interdisciplinary community of scholars established in 1972. The Centre is engaged in research and training in population dynamics. In the present era of Globalization, Privatization and Liberalization (LPG), the inter-relationship of population, development and environment (PDE), has been drawing greater attention of the researchers, academicians and environmental scientists. Under the sub-theme of 'urbanization, migration and governance', the proposed seminar will cover the aspects of migrant population in cities and the complex issues of development and environment.

Link : http://www.isec.ac.in/prc-seminar-global-population.html

Address : Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC) Bangalore
Contact Details : Dr. C.M. Lakshmana, Associate Professor, PRC 09449989931

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