Call for Chapters

| Subject : Book project "Mapping Migration, Identity, and Space"
other Date :23-Feb-2015 To 15 May 2015

This interdisciplinary collection of essays focuses on the ways in which movements of people across natural, political, and cultural boundaries shape identities that are inexorably linked to actual and imagined space that individuals on the move cross, inhabit, and leave behind. As conflicts over identities and space continue to erupt on a regular basis, and while those from previous eras are far from resolved, this book provides readings of the relationship between migration, identity, and space from a fresh and innovative perspective. Submission proposals for unpublished articles (9,000-12,000 words, including notes and bibliography) are welcomed. Initially, only abstracts (400 words), indicating the working title of the article, should be sent to tlinhard@wustl.edu by May 15, 2015. Completed articles will be due September 15, 2015.

Link : http://pages.wustl.edu/migration/articles/11303

Address : Washington University
Contact Details : tlinhard@wustl.edu

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