Call for Papers- E-Diasporas, Living Digitally (International Journal of E-Politics)

| Subject : Disporas, Technology, Identity
other Date :01-Sep-2015 To 01 Sep 2015

With the growth of international (im)migration and work through digital space across time zones and in the last decade, the Internet and related wireless and mobile technologies have become crucial for members of various diasporic communities seeking to connect with both their countries of origin and their host nations. This special issue of the International Journal of E-Politics aims to understand the rhizomatic nature of migrant communities in a twenty-first century climate where the increasing use of online spaces influences the creation of diaspora politics, identity formation (or reclamation in the new nation), and the conception of new meanings of the terms ‘home’ and ‘homeland.’ Thus, this issue endeavors to expand ongoing conversations about dispersed global communities and the ways they relate with communications and information technologies. The International Journal of E-Politics is interdisciplinary and welcomes any disciplinary, theoretical or methodological approach.

Link : http://blogs.uoregon.edu/newmediaculture/2015/06/03/cfp-special-issue-e-diasporas-living-digitally/

Address : University of Oregon
Contact Details : radhik@bgsu.edu, tarthur@bgsu.edu

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