Shadipur Shani Bazaar

| Subject : Street Vendors
other Date :05-Sep-2015 To 05 Sep 2015

Based on the research done by post graduate students of Sociology at Dr Ambedkar University, this exploration of the Shadipur Shani Bazaar (Shadipur Saturday Bazaar) looks at people, merchandise and customers of one weekly informal street market in west Delhi. In existence for more than a generation, providing low cost products and services to the urban poor, the exhibition reveals how informal weekly market vendors in one weekly market or ‘haat’ conduct their trade. The exhibition looks at the organization, history, vendor narratives and other interesting facets that make up the larger picture of the bazaar. These markets are seen to interlink various parts of the city through networks created by products and vendors, and how their urban clientele follow these by creating new ones of market acceptance. Sept 5; 5.30 pm.

Address : Studio Safdar and May Day Bookstore and Café 2254/2A Shadi Khampur, New Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi 110008
Contact Details : studiosafdar@gmail.com

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