Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture

Conference | Subject : Call for Papers
Conference Date :26-Nov-2016 To 27 Nov 2016

The conference will bring together scholars from diverse fields such as academic, civil society and policy from different countries. The conference intends to provide comparative perspectives in diaspora engagement. The papers will be published in a book by an international publisher. The conference will have more wider reach and try to represent as many countries possible so that both macro and micro perspectives and diversities of issues will be covered. There are several countries actively engaged in policies and working on a new paradigm of global engagement to tap resources in the globalised world ever increasing human mobility.The conference is conceived to address these issues, both conceptual as well as applied areas so as to give a wholistic approach to understand the issue.

Link : http://www.grfdt.com/EventDetails.aspx?Type=Conferences&TabId=6098

Address : New Delhi
Contact Details : New Delhi

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