Negotiating Globalization: Trade Unions and Labour in Contemporary India

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Conference Date :22-Sep-2016 To 23 Jul 2016

Trade unions are the collective bargaining agents of the workers. On the face of rapid deterioration of the conditions of the organized labour and the burgeoning informal labour, the trade union movement is facing a challenge in the country. While we see some trade union actions in terms of all India strikes, almost every year, one wonders how far the trade union movement of this kind has been successful in protecting the interests of labour. On the other hand, there has been a tendency towards fragmentation of the ambit of the centralised trade unions, which is evident from the rise in independent, non-affiliated organised actions of workers at the local level. Very few studies are available on the nature of collective bargaining and trade union organisations in a context of changing nature of labour processes and conditions under globalization.

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