National Seminar on Orality, Migration and Epistemology on Tribes in India’s Northeast 2018 at Jamia Millia

Seminar | Subject : North East, migration, Orality,
Seminar Date :08-Mar-2018 To 09 Mar 2018

research papers to discuss orality, migration and tribal epistemology in the context of India’s North East broadly related to but not exclusively to the following themes: *The question of migration and settlement – a search through oral tradition, cultural practices and folklores. * “Orality and Literacy” in the tribal society with the emergence of print culture. *Epistemic enquiry into the traditional forms of knowledge, meanings, references and hermeneutic. *Diverse cultural narratives, traditions and practices including ceremonial use of attires, contractual marriage, youth dormitories, interpretation and dramatization of the legends of the Epics and so on *Relationship between man, nature and the environmental concerns in the light of modern concept of “development” *Understanding language as a tool for creating cognitive schemes by analysing the folklores, folktales and myths. *Traditional conception of holding of land and transfer of land ownership *Traditional understanding of justice and peace

Link : http://festpav.com/fest/view/9984/2_days__National_Seminar_on_Orality,_Migration_and_Epistemology_on_Tribes_in_India%E2%80%99s_Northeast_2018-Jamia_Millia_Islamia_

Address : Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India
Contact Details : kaisiikokho@gmail.com, im_neli@yahoo.co.in, akasmao@gmail.com, francisariina@gmail.com

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