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Aajeevika Bureau aims to provide lasting solutions to economic and socio-legal problems of migrant workers-directly as well as through partners-by creating replicable models offering services and security at both source and destination.
Through a network of field based workers, support and resource centres, Aajeevika Bureau provide a range of services to migrants and their households. Aajeevika Bureau has undertaken a wide range of field based research into aspects of seasonal migration, labour and employment. Knowledge building adds to perspectives on this under-researched area and also helps the Bureau design new services and interventions for migrant groups.
  • Identity Crisis and Numbers: Aajeevika Bureau
    Research Paper | 01-Jun-2016

    Started in 2005, the registration and identity service achieved a significant milestone in December 2007. After two years of advocacy efforts the card was recognised as a valid proof of identity by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Rajasthan...

  • Labour-Intel: CMLS Newsletter, Vol VII May 2015
    Research Paper | 01-May-2015

    Labour-Intel, the Centre for Migration and Labour Studies' monthly newsletter, presents activities undertaken by migration programme partners from January to May’ 2015. This issue features policy dialogues in Delhi and Hyderabad, State-level snapshots of migration initiatives, an innovative financial inclusion model by AKF, creative attempts by Jandaksha to make Shramik Kendras an informative and welcoming space for migrant workers, as well as a colorful montage of May Day celebrations...

  • Studies, Stories and a Canvas: Seasonal Labour Migration and Migrant Workers from Odisha
    Research Paper | 30-Jul-2014

    Research on seasonal migration of labor in India continues to be limited. Research that balances hard evidence with rich qualitative insights and that brings out workers' vulnerability and informs both policy and action is rarer...

  • Political Inclusion of Seasonal Migrants in India
    Research Paper | 01-Mar-2014

    Do seasonal migrants in India vote? If not, how do they ensure that they remain politically relevant in the villages they leave behind? In cities, where they spend a large part of their working life, what are the ways in which they get their voices heard? This paper has looked at the participation of migrant workers in political processes – both through the institutionalized electoral process and through other lesser known avenues of asserting political agency...

  • Report on the Proceedings: Course on Labour Protection and Migration Services
    Research Paper | 07-Feb-2014

    In November 2013, the Center for Migration and Labour Solutions (CMLS)of the Aajeevika Bureau offered the first ever certificate course on migration in India, in partnership with Center for Community Organization and Development Practice (CODP), TISS, Mumbai. The course was targeted at field practitioners and managers engaged and interested in labour and migration issues and intended to build fresh perspectives and skills among them...

  • Creative Practices and Policies for Better Inclusion of Migrant Workers: The Experience of Aajeevika Bureau
    Research Paper | 01-Jan-2012

    Internal migration for livelihood, a widespread phenomenon across developing economies, has started to receive attention only recently. There are limited examples of practice or policy interventions that help vulnerable rural migrant workers cope with hardships of footloose movement, vagaries of informal labor market, and increasing alienation from urban spaces...

  • Migrant Construction Workers in Ahmedabad: A Profile
    Research Paper | 01-Dec-2007

    Over the years, Rajasthani migrants have come to overwhelmingly occupy specific trade niches in Ahmedabad. Construction is amongst the largest sector and there are Rajasthani migrants across all points of the construction labour chain including the more skilled areas of carpentry, stone laying and polishing and fabrication...

  • Beyond the Seas: Perils and Potentials of Long Distance Migratiion
    Research Paper | 01-Jan-2007

    The present report is divided into an appropriate set of sections and sub sections. Following a routine introduction to the topic under consideration (1...

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  • Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services
    Research Paper | 15-Feb-2015

    Aajeevika Bureau announces the commencement of the second “Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services” to be organized jointly by CMLS in partnership with Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice, Social of Social Work at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai..

  • Financial Behaviour Study
    Research Paper | 01-Jan-2007

    In December 2006, the Aajeevika Bureau initiated a study to examine the financial status and behaviours of migrant households within Gogunda and Kelwara Blocks of Udaipur and Rajsamand Districts of Rajasthan. The aim of the study was to gather data that will aid in the building of financial services products and processes, as well as to bridge the knowledge gaps concerning financial behaviour of the migrant population within these Blocks..

  • Aajeevika Young Leader Fellowship in Migration and Development
    Research Paper | 01-Jan-1970

    Aajeevika Bureau announces the Young Leaders Fellowship on Migration and Development for the year 2014. This fellowship supports young and passionate individuals in building a strong, grounded understanding of rural livelihoods, internal seasonal migration and develop skills for designing of livelihood services for migrant communities..

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Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services

Aajeevika Bureau announces the commencement of the second “Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services” to be organized jointly by CMLS in partnership with Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice, Social of Social Work at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. The course has been designed keeping in mind the unique demands and requirements of the migration programme community and it will bring together a diverse group from across the country t

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