Establised in 1990 for the development of rural villages. ‘Gram-Utthan’ literally means ‘raising of the village’, which the sole motto of the organization. Its mission is to enable the poor and disadvantaged for qualitative changes in their lives through an empowerment process. Today it has become one of the major developmental agencies recognized by other development partners.
GRAM-UTTHAN is working primarily in Kendrapara and seven other adjoining districts in the state of Orissa. It has been one of the leading developmental organizations in the state. Initially it started developmental intervention in Pimpuri village of Kendrapara district, and today has become one of the major developmental agencies recognized and appraised by local, regional, national and even international development partners. Gram-Utthan seeks to provide support and services to rural migrants of Rajkanika block in Kendrapara district who leave their villages in large numbers to find work in cities, factories and farms of Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Faridabad, Bagalore, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra and elsewhere.
  • The hidden truth behind Migration
    Research Paper | 09-May-2014

    There are several hidden truths behind the process of migration. Apart from being an economic phenomenon, driven by probability of earning a higher earning in urban centre, migration carries with itself several untold truths which affect both the migrant and his/ her family...

  • Migration survey report by Gram-Utthan (Kendrapada, Odisha)
    Research Paper | 01-Jan-2014

    A survey by NGO Gram-Utthan was carried out in seventeen Gram Panchayats in the Kendrapada district of coastal Odisha in order to asses the profile of migration, its trend and plan project outcomes for direct and indirect beneficiaries of the migration program...

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