Jan-Daksha Trust

Jandaksha Trust’s mission is to create an ideal society where every unit thinks independently about its self-development and actively contributes to determine its own role in the society. It seeks to ensure economic, social, and political resurrection of the poor sections of classes, enhance the livelihoods of poor communities by raising awareness and educating these populations on law, environment, workers’ rights, and financial matters.
Realizing that migrant workers face many difficulties in securing a basic livelihood, Jandaksha targets this sector specifically. JanDaksha Trust explores the effect migration has on the health of laborers, particularly women. Determine the effect on children those who are indirectly impacted by family members’ migrations and what health facilities and practitioners are being utilized by migrants and what options can be secured for the future.


56, Paneri Upwan, Road No. 2, Bedla, Rajasthan, India 313004
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