Mumbai Mobile Creches

The vision of Mumbai Mobile Creches is to have a nurturing and happy childhood for all children with the mission is to promote ‘child-friendly sites’; where every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy and educated, and able to enjoy their childhood.
Over the past four decades Mumbai Mobile Crèches has developed a model of comprehensive child care and work in close partnership with parents, the construction industry, labour communities, government agencies and concerned NGOs to promote child rights. Its program focuses on providing stimulating child care as a poverty alleviation strategy and empowering entire migrant communities. The child development centres focus on young children with primary objective of provision of services that are essential to child protection, survival and growth.
  • Children on Construction Sites
    Research Paper | 01-Nov-2012

    Million of unskilled porters, bricklayers and other low-caste laborers have left their native villages to escape extreme rural poverty and find a job in big cities. These migrant workers are spread across the country and travel from one area of work to another along with their families...

  • Preliminary Study of Socioeconomic Background of Families on NMC Construction Sites
    Research Paper | 01-Dec-2007

    This report presents a clear picture of the living and working conditions of construction site workers in Mumbai through a presentation of the statistics collected. This is a preliminary report on the data currently collected, it is intended that as the database is added to, and a clearer more complete picture emerges, the report may be revised to include any new patterns emerging...

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