Udyama is a food security and sustainable rural livelihoods focused action and advocacy oriented organization primarily working in the state of Orissa. It was founded in 1997 with the aim of strengthening food security and livelihoods through restoration and sustainable management of natural resources, capacity building of local communities.
Since inception the UDYAMA has made a worked towards step by step implementation of diverse action-oriented programs that has reflected in ground. Creation of enabling environment for community action, improving the capacity of participating community for drought mitigation thru regulated water management, forest preservation protection and utilization is the prime activity of UDYAMA.
  • Skill Development Initiative for young migrants: Increasing earning opportunity
    Research Paper | 16-May-2014

    Migrant workers are compelled and pushed by hardships to take up jobs which are underpaying in nature and exploitative. The issue of earning a livelihood drives marginalized and destitute families to migrate in search of jobs without prior knowledge and any special skill set at their disposal...

  • Involvement of PRIs in migration program implementation
    Research Paper | 07-Jan-2014

    This document presents a case study of involvement of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) and active people's participation in successful implementation of the migration project by UDAYAMA. Particularly, the process of registration of migrants and provision of Identity cards by the organization has been facilitated by the participation of the Panchayats of Titlagarh and Bangomunda in Bolangir district (western Odisha)...

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