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Legislative Protection for Slum and Pavement Dwellers

Published By : Law Commission of India | Publish Date : 20 Dec, 1990

This report, released in 1990, deals with the problem of slum and pavement dwellers. The report raises questions regarding the destiny of those who spend their lives on the pavements or in slums in cities. It debates on the issue of eviction, which is carried out on the grounds that there dwelling sites are 'unauthorized'. If such eviction is permitted by the society, there should be alternative accommodation provided, so that the Right to Live, enshrined in the Constitution holds some meaning for them. This report endeavors to draw special provisions within the limits of the constitution and to suggest solutions on this subject.

Link : http://lawcommissionofindia.nic.in/101-169/Report138.pdf

Document : 20140418042348.pdf

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