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Raja Kudumbathil vs. Union of India

Published By : India Kanoon | Publish Date : 12 Nov, 2009

This writ petition was been filed by an Advocate practicing in the high court of Kerala. He highlights the problems now being allegedly faced by migrant labourers who come to this State in search of job opportunities. When this writ petition had come up for consideration on July 13, 2009 the following direction was issued by this court: "There will be a direction to the second respondent (Corporation of Kochi) to file an afidavit as to the shortest time required for the issuance of the smart cards to the unorganised workers under the provisions of the Unorganised Wrokers' Social Security Act, 2008. The 1st respondent (State of Kerala) was issued a writ mandamus to take an assessment of the migrant labourers in various parts of the State and to prepare a comprehensive scheme for making rehabilitation and welfare of such labourers and their family members in accordance with Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979 and the Rules made there under.

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Document : 20140605014425.PDF

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