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Baseline Research on Racial and Gender Discrimination Towards Filipino, Indonesian and Thai Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Published By : Asian Migrant Centre | Publish Date : 01 Feb, 2001

The specific objective of this research is to answer the following key questions: Is there racial and gender discrimination towards foreign domestic helpers (FDH) in Hong Kong? How significant is this, and what are the indicators and patterns of such discrimination? The more strategic goal is to establish a scientific and authoritative baseline reference on this issue, so that the results and recommendations may be used by the Hong Kong government, the respective consulates, and policy-makers in general, in informing their decisions and coming up with ways to address the problem. The research also aims to help educate the Hong Kong public about this issue by propagating the results through the mass media. The approach used was participatory action research (PAR) – i.e. the FDH themselves were involved from the conceptualisation, implementation, up to processing and analysis of the results. The results are intended to be used by the migrants and their advocates to deepen their understanding of the problems of discrimination, and to support their organising, training/education, and lobbying work against racism and discrimination. The report will also be submitted to relevant government offices, consulates and policy-makers.

Link : https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/c2180c_77f7002d69b74130ba8b69b6ea7ae05e.pdf

Document : 20180109114925.pdf

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