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Protocol on Prevention, Rescue, Repatriation and Rehabilitation of Trafficked & Migrant Child Labour, 2008

Published By : Gazette of India | Publish Date : 01 Jan, 2008

There is an increasing trend of migration and trafficking of children for labour in different parts of the country. Compelled by the socio-economic conditions, a large number of children are migrating from economically backward areas to big cities for work. In many of these cases, these children are being trafficked by middle men and agents who are bringing them to the employers in the city by extending meagre advances to the parents and giving false assurances of lucrative jobs etc. Considering the complexity of the problem, a comprehensive multi-pronged approach to this problem is required. The measures will include economically empowering the families by covering them under various schemes of the Government, community mobilization and attitudinal changes through awareness generation, creation of suitable rehabilitation infrastructure, backed by legislative provisions against offenders and stronger enforcement. The protocol thus provides practical guidelines to key stakeholders on crucial issues relating to prevention, rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation of trafficked and migrant child labour.

Link : http://pblabour.gov.in/Pdfs/protocol.pdf

Document : 20131128023850.pdf

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