Migration and Poverty: Linkages, Knowledge Gaps and Policy Implications

Author : Arjan de Haan, Shahin Yaqub | 2008
Published By: UNICEF

The paper focuses on migration by the poorest, on internal migration, international South-South migration and child migrants. Studying migration with insights from poverty-research broadens the current research and policy focus, both in terms of the types of migration, and types of migrants studied. Much of the migration of the poorest is not seriously recognised, and nor are major categories of the poorest migrants. It is often asserted that the poorest do not want to or cannot migrate, or migrate only in exceptional circumstances and crises. Empirical research has tended to apply limited definitions of migration (such as into high-income countries), or be based on sources of information that tend to describe better-off or skilled migration more than others, thus omitting the many other types of migration that the poorest do undertake.2Moreover, migration tends to be defined as an adult activity, thus underplaying how migration affects – and is undertaken by – children.

URL : http://www.unicef.org/socialpolicy/files/Migration_and_Poverty_Linkages_Knowledge_and_Policy_Implications.pdf

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