Welfare Schemes and Support Mechanisms

Final Technical Report of the Project on Gender and Migration: Negotiating Rights A Women’s Movement Perspective

Author : Dr. Indu Agnihotri, Ms. Indrani Mazumdar, Dr. Neetha N., Ms. Taneesha Devi Mohan, Ms. Shruti Chaudhry | 2012
Published By: Centre For Women’s Development Studies

The research has shown how migrant women workers are excluded from a range of citizenship rights, as migrant workers, as migrant women and as migrating citizens. Apart from engaging with the legal rights regime and particularly the shift from universal rights to so called targeting of those officially declared as living below the poverty line, the project raises several questions and dilemmas for policy. These include the complex gendered experiences of labour processes and recruitment of migrant women wage workers in units of families or male female pairs that do not fit easily into 5 the individual based labour law regime. Corporate led high growth in services and industry has not generated commensurate employment growth, and agriculture remains the majority employer. Lineages of bondage linked to a ubiquitous contractor based recruitment and management pattern that can be traced to colonial times appear in modified form in migration to even the modern industrial segment of the contemporary economy.

URL : https://idl-bnc.idrc.ca/dspace/bitstream/10625/49521/1/IDL-49521.pdf

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