Socio-economic Factors

Making Migration Work for Development

Author : Development Research Centre for Migration, Globalisation and Poverty | 2016
Published By: Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty

The Centre’s work has included the compilation of data on migration flows, with an emphasis on those least-well represented in existing datasets; conceptual analysis of the links between migration, globalisation and poverty; major thematic and regional reviews of emerging migration issues and policies; as well as targeted empirical field research in a number of countries in West Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and South-East Europe. This work has resulted in the compilation of a number of robust databases and user-friendly web resources; the production of more than 40 working papers and 50 refereed journal articles or book chapters; and new conceptual approaches in areas that include, but are not limited to, the migration of children and youth; the mobility of highly skilled professionals; and social protection by and for work migrants.

URL : http://www.migrationdrc.org/publications/misc/Making_Migration_Work_for_Development.pdf

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