Socio-economic Factors

Estimation of Internal Migration in India, 2011 Census Based on Life Table Survival Ratio (LTSR) Method

Author : Avijit Mistri | 2015
Published By: Munich Personal RePEc Archive

This study estimates the internal migration in India in the Census 2011 with help of Life Table Survival Ratio (LTSR) method, when the direct information related to the migrants is not available. Abridge Life Tables of Indian States and age specific population in two successive Census 2001 and 2011 are taken help for the estimation. Indian interstate migration is highly associated with economic growth trajectory of the States. The study reveals that the conventional pattern of migration from high-income states to low-income states during 1980s and 1990s is widely disturbed during 2000s with the emergence of new pool centres as well as destinations. The share of interstate migration in 2011 has declined to the level of the 1981 Census, which is an indication of increasing nativity of the population. During 2000s, India has produced more emigrants than immigrants, which are just opposite of the 1990s.

URL : https://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/61577/1/MPRA_paper_61577.pdf

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